Why the competition is afraid of Apple's new software

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Many iPhone owners are looking forward to iOS 14 and the new options introduced with the new operating system. But not everyone is so happy, because some companies are threatened with a massive drop in sales.

Facebook is afraid of iOS 14

Apple wants to protect its users and offers them many options for setting privacy with iOS 14. For example, the notifications can be influenced or the tracking of apps can be completely deactivated. The alarm bells are ringing on Facebook. The CFO clearly told CNBC that the changes will have a huge impact on Facebook’s earnings. According to the first analyzes, it will be much more difficult for developers to use Facebook advertising – and thus make money.

Targeted advertising and the analysis of user data are particularly important for Facebook and advertisers, because this is how the advertising that matches the users can be played out. Apple, on the other hand, wants to prevent the data from being overly analyzed and possibly sold. In addition, iOS 14 users must actively agree when it comes to sharing data. This could lead to most people taking the opportunity to refuse it.

What will change with iOS 14:

iOS 14: release expected in autumn

Apple has announced a good business quarter, but has also had to deliver bad news. The iPhone 12 appears later, so you may have to wait a little longer for iOS 14. Apple has long pursued a strategy of protecting its users and restricting the collection of personal data. In the meantime, other manufacturers such as Google are also moving in, but they mainly earn their money from advertising. It will be exciting to see how the business for Facebook develops and what impact iOS 14 has on it. After all, a lot of old iPhones are updated and thus equipped with the new data protection options.

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