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Why the Google Pixel 4a will be the best smartphone of 2020

by Tejas Dhawan

Just a little over a month ago, Apple introduced its new iPhone SE, a compact device with a rather controversial screen size but with one of the most powerful processors of 2020. That is, small on the outside but big on the inside.

Since then, many have not only called the new Apple terminal the “killer” of the mid-range Android, but the debate on if brands should bet on launching compact and powerful phones on the market.

Huawei stepped up saying that terminals with small screens do not make sense today, however we are not a few users who would pay anything (it is an exaggeration) because Google will launch its mythical Nexus 5 totally renewed today.

But no, Google will not revive its Nexus range, but will shortly make its new terminal, the Pixel 4a, official. A mid-range device that the truth is that it may be the Nexus that we were all waiting for.

Google Pixel 4a: one of the best phones of 2020?

I said it and I will keep saying it. The Google pixel 3a was one of the most important phones last year. Obviously it was not the most powerful device on the market but I didn’t need it either. Android in its stock version, updates for several years, a camera equivalent to that of a high-end and a fairly competitive price.

The Pixel 4a aims to follow the same line as its predecessor but according to rumors it will have an important difference. A lower starting price. In other words, if the Pixel 3a went on the market for $ 399, it would cost around 350. Always according to rumors.

That would be a serious blow against Apple’s new iPhone SE. It would not have the same processor (also the performance of the Pixels is beyond doubt) but it would have a larger screen size and above all, a better camera.

But it would not only be competition for the Apple terminal. The Pixel 4a is on its way to being a breath of fresh air in a market dominated by phones at absurd prices. A market where the phones exceed 1,000 euros and in which even companies that have always been characterized by their competitive prices such as OnePlus or Xiaomi, are unrecognizable.

Pixel 3a

Evidently Google Pixels are still a niche market and this Pixel 4a will have enough details that will not make it a perfect device, but that today a terminal with a decent performance, years of updates and a camera equivalent to that of a high-end one for less than $ 400 is sold / euros is great news.

We may not see something similar to what Google achieved with its Nexus years ago, but the Pixels “a” are close to achieving it. If all the rumors are true, keep in mind that the Google Pixel 4a is going to be one of the most interesting phones of this 2020, even above phones that double in price. I hope I’m not wrong.

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