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Why the mobile screen turns on by itself and how to avoid it

Why the mobile screen turns on by itself and how to avoid it


Among all the problems that can arise in mobiles there are some more strange than others. This time we are going to focus on that moment when the mobile screen turns on by itself without having touched or done anything. This problem that can occur in any make and model turns its users on its head and makes us even consider paranormal situations.

However, we will try to find the explanation for these problems and their corresponding solutions. Without going any further, an alert change or a badly programmed application may be behind this error that Turn on the phone without touching it. If the first of the solutions is not the one that manages to solve it, we will reply to pass on to the following until we find the problem.

Apps with hidden but not muted notification

Mobile options can sometimes complicate our existence, among them the options of the news. When we receive a notification from an application continuously and we want to deactivate it, we can do it from Settings> Applications and notifications> we choose the desired app and in its notifications we can deactivate each of its alerts. This option has been with us on Android since version 10 and still has bugs.

alerts notifications

By deactivating a specific alert instead of all your notifications, the alert continues to reach the mobile but silently. If this app has permission to turn on the screen then our mobile will be followed turning on but it won’t show us anything. To solve it we can completely deactivate all notifications and so it will not be repeated.

Notifications turn on the lock screen

This option is not found in Android stock but if not several layers of personification such as MIUI or EMUI, what are Xiaomi or Huawei mobiles. By default the screen turns on when you receive a notification, something that we can remove in Settings> Lock screen> Deactivate the option activate lock screen for notifications. With this change, our mobile will not be awakened again by a notification.

wake up screen notifications xiaomi

Defective screen protectors

In the previous cases, we can adjust the problem and find it relatively quickly, but if the screen saver does false touches on the screen can wake you up. Some phones have a double touch to turn on the screen and with protectors that do not stick well or do not adhere as they should, we are constantly suffering with the screen on.

PET mobile screen protector

The best thing in this case to save us the problem where the mobile screen turns on by itself, is to try deactivating the double touch to wake up the screen, something that is usually found in Settings> Screen> Wake up screen with double touch. Once deactivated, we will see if the mobile continues to have this failure and if it does not repeat itself but we want to enjoy the double tap, we will have to choose another of the different mobile screen protectors.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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