Why won't you be able to play Google Stadia or xCloud Gaming on an iPhone

Not Google Stadia, not Microsoft xCloud, not Nvidia GeForce Now. Game streaming services are not welcome on iOS for violating their policies and requirements.

If you have an iPhone and you were waiting enjoy the future of video games on your mobile, we have very bad news for you. From Cupertino, Apple has just reported that There will be no support for Google Stadia in iOS, Microsoft xCloud or Nvidia GeForce Now at least officially.

Apple representatives had already commented to Business Insider and shortly afterwards what was already an open secret was officially communicated, and that is Apple claims that these services streaming video games break the rules from your platform at various points.

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Entering the reasons given, in fact, it seems that all these services violate App Store policies and therefore cannot be accepted on iPhone or iPad, although others like Shadow are available after having tweaked its functionalities.

Apple says that the rule of the Sotre App is violated because Google Stadia, Microsoft xCloud and GeForce Now games work as a group and not individually, and that as a result of this the games do not appear in the search lists of the App Store for iPad or iPhone users, but they start from Stadia itself or xCloud and not from the iOS device itself.

It seems a bit of a strange reasoning, and in case you have doubts this reads the Apple statement about:

The App Store was created to be a safe and reliable place for our customers to discover and download applications, as well as a great business opportunity for all developers. Before entering our store, all applications are reviewed against the same set of criteria that are primarily intended to protect customers and provide a fair and balanced environment for developers.

Our customers enjoy great apps and games from millions of developers, and game services can be launched seamlessly on the App Store as long as they follow the same set of criteria applicable to all developers, including shipping games individually for review, as well as appearing in the App Store charts and search lists. In addition to the App Store itself, developers can choose to send their creations to all iPhone and iPad users via the web using Sarafi or other browsers.

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Google Stadia controller

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The move is hard to justify, but each one has its own criteria and policies and as we commented previously Shadow herself had to modify her services to offer the games individually in the App Store, returning again to the iOS platform.

In The Verge they also pointed to the section 4.2.7 of Apple policies on its App Store, where other key constraints that prevent services like Stadia or xCloud from being approved on iOS.

Apple notes for example that “The device ‘host’ and the client must be connected in a local network and based on LAN”, and that for cloud transmission services these cannot be based on “A thin client for cloud-based applications”. And the latter is exactly what Stadia, xCloud and GeForce Now are..

Also billing issues enter, because Google or Microsoft do not think they are willing to give up the percentages that Apple reserves in sales in the App Store, leaving us with honey on our lips and with the only possibility of download the Stadia app on iPhone or iPad to manage the library and use it on a Chromecast.

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