Why you should never use a USB that you have found on the street

A study by the United States Government shows that human idiocy and curiosity will kill us … More than 60% of its employees connected to their office PCs USB sticks collected in the parking lot!

It’s almost a matter of logic, but sometimes we forget the most basic things like that, in computer matters, we are our most reliable antivirusAnd is it that it would not occur to anyone to eat a candy that you find lying on the street? Well friends, do not use any USB memory either that you pick up from anywhere, because it is also very dangerous!

Sounds like a grandfather warning, but is that it really is dangerous to use USB sticks unreliable, and in fact in this type of accessories is the route of entry to the vast majority of computer viruses that use them as gateways to copy and spread across all PCs in the world.

USB flash drive with pirate skull

USB flash drives are not as safe as you might think

In this case we have empirical evidence from that human idiocy of reviewing things that are not ours, and we allow ourselves the luxury of echoing ourselves, like the companions of TheNextWeb, of an old United States Government experiment that started from the premise of verifying how many users were stung after leaving a bunch of USB sticks randomly distributed in their offices.

And without a doubt, the result will not surprise you because as you expect over 60% of those who encountered one of these pendrive they connected to their personal computers, demonstrating that you can now install all the best antivirus and firewalls on the market, curiosity will be stronger and will lead to disaster.

The equivalent of the United States Department of the Interior carried out the test with its employees, distributing ‘pirate’ USB sticks to the offices to check how easy it was to connect them to their PCs, infecting them without remedy.

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A public mobile charging station

Also be careful with public charging stations, and with USB cables … You don’t know what’s on the other side!

More than 60% of employees connected dubious memories to their office PCs

Obviously it was an experiment and nothing happened to the employees who bit the hook, but the government showed how easy it was for any hacker gain access to computer systems safest in the country, simply dropping a couple of USB sticks in the right place and without the need for physical access to the intranet.

In the experiment they were left not only pendrives, but also external hard drives, all of them distributed both in government agencies and in cafeterias near the offices or the parking lots of the buildings, including external private companies that worked for the Government.

The results? Well more than 60% of people who picked up one of the memory devices plugged them into their office computers, directly, and if he pendrive or the hard drive had an official logo, 90% connected without previously checking its authenticity.

Computer attacks do not stop growing and have already become one of the most important dangers of these times, and here without a doubt the best antivirus is yourselves, so we recommend that you do not connect unreliable USB sticks to your computers and smartphones.

An attack like the popular worm Stuxnet infected Windows computers that did not need to be connected to the Internet directly, through contaminated hardware such as USB sticks that allowed them to install and run, spreading massively afterwards, making use of various system vulnerabilities. A demonstration of the potential that malicious software can have in a simple “skewer” of memory …

You must have watch out for USB sticks that you come across out there, do not connect them to your PCs without previously analyzing them, and extend that care to public USB chargers because you will never know what the hell is on the other side of the cable… Today more than ever, computer security is part of the user himself, and instead they ask Twitter after a massive and loud attack made with social engineering, taking advantage of part of that stupid idiocy of trusting in what we should not, or simply being killed by curiosity.

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