Why you shouldn't trust benchmarks when buying a mobile

Forget about benchmarks: why these types of applications do not say anything about the performance of a mobile.

Get carried away by the results of a bechmark or performance test to determine the power of a mobile is a serious mistake.

And it is even more important to make a decisive factor when buying a mobile the fact that one terminal obtains a better result than another in a test of this type.

The truth is that because of some manufacturers, the benchmark results have almost completely ceased to make sense, and have become a almost negligible figure when determining the performance of a smartphone.

AnTuTu Benchmark for Android, what it is and how to use it

AnTuTu is one of the most popular benchmarks available on Android.

First of all, how does a benchmark work?

Synthetic performance tests are far from new. This type of software has been used for years measure device performance Through tests that put the capabilities of each component of our device individually at levels close to the maximum.

With the rise of smartphones, some developer companies did not hesitate to create your own benchmarks for mobile. Thus, applications and platforms as famous as AnTuTu Benhmark or GeekBench.

These apps generally measure both CPU performance like the capabilities of the terminal in terms of graphics or the speed of its memory.

In recent years, tests have also emerged capable of determining the ability of our phones to carry out tasks of machine learning or complex calculations for AI functions. This is the case of AiTuTu.

Adulterated results, even from whom you least expected

The great problem of benchmarks It emerged as soon as this type of application began to gain popularity among smartphone users, and became a measuring stick when determining the power and performance of a mobile.

And it is that with the aim of push their mobiles to the top positions of the main rankings of benchmarks like AnTuTu, some decided modify the software of your phones to achieve higher scores than normal.

Pixel 4a and Pixel 4 XL

A more powerful processor does not always mean better performance.

This type of “deception” consists of modifications to software code that allow you to determine when one of these applications is running, and thus make the device hardware running at full capacity.

And that is precisely the great problem of benchmarks. In general terms, no mobile will focus all its resources on run a single app as they do with this type of tool, allowing increase the CPU temperature above normal and by overloading the memory controller to generate the maximum possible performance.

This, of course, ends up producing higher scores in the benchmarks. But the reality is that we are talking about adulterated results that they conform rather little to reality.

And if you think it’s a not too common techniqueYou should know that even the world’s leading mobile firm, Samsung, was sued and forced to pay $ 13.4 million for manipulating performance test results.

But it is not the only one. Others like OnePlus, Sony or HTC were also hunted modifying their mobile software to obtain better scores in tests performance.

Even the mobile processor manufacturer MediaTek was discovered carrying out this type of technique, something more serious still, because they weren’t even the mobile brands themselves those that “deceived” users.

What other ways to measure performance are there?

In short, it is trust a benchmark to measure the performance of a mobile is an error. Not just for the fact that a number is not always representative of the experience a terminal can offer, but rather for the ease of the manufacturers when manipulating the results.

The problem is that the results of the benchmarks they are easy to understand, and therefore it is easy to be guided by them when determine the power of a terminal.

Luckily, today there is information needed to know if a terminal offers good performance without need to trust of a benchmark: if you have a relatively modern processor, the sufficient amount of RAM memory and, in addition, the brand is reputed to offer a optimized software and provide good support, it is very likely that the experience with that terminal is good. Enough to forget about any kind of number thrown by a synthetic test.

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