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WiFi connection without Internet: Possible causes and solutions

WiFi connection without Internet: Possible causes and solutions

It may seem like a very basic question for an advanced user on the Internet but perhaps you have asked yourself, why if you are connected correctly the Internet does not work well or where is the problem. That is why we review the differences between WiFi as such and the Internet, the connections and what solutions there are or what we can do if this is happening to us. They are different things and you should know how to differentiate them.

WiFi vs Internet

Having WiFi is not the same as having Internet, they are different concepts and that’s why you see that you have WiFi connection without Internet. Wi-Fi is what allows your device (be it your computer, mobile phone, Nintendo Switch or tablet) to connect to a network wirelessly without the need to use a cable between the device in question and the router . It is the connection between the computer and the router. But that they are connected correctly and that WiFi works does not mean that you have Internet. You can be connected to a LAN without any problem and everything will work normally but that LAN to which you are connected may not have Internet access. Therefore, it is the answer to why you are connected to WiFi but not to the Internet. It is simple and easy to understand.

Basically, so that we can understand it, your devices join the router through the WiFi connection and form a LAN (Local Network) Your computer, your tablet, your television, your mobile phone, your console, your smart watch … They all use WiFi to connect to the router and form that local network. But it is useless for you to have that local network if it is not connected to the Internet, whatever the reason. For example, there is a problem with the operator and there is a failure or crash that does not allow the router to connect to the Internet as it normally does.

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What do we do?

There are several things we can do if you have a WiFi connection without Internet, if pages don’t load you nor does anything open. From the most basic and the most obvious, such as testing on other devices, restarting the computer, etc.

Test on other devices

It is the simplest and the first thing you should do: if you have WiFi on your computer but not the Internet, test on other devices. Surely you have a mobile phone at home, a tablet or even another computer. Test that the Internet works to know if it is a specific problem of the device from which you connect. Maybe you have changed something in the configuration or there is some program that interferes.

Restart the device

If the others work, try something obvious that often works: restart. It may seem basic, but you know that restarting can solve some temporary computer problems.

Check the router

Make sure everything is correct in your router: some cable may have come loose, for example. Also see if the lights are on as they should.

Restart the router

It is another of the things we always do when the Internet stops working and is usually one of the most effective. Restart the router and keep in mind that normally it is not enough to press the button and press it again in two seconds since all processes will not restart. Turn it off for ten seconds and turn the button on again after this time as it may not be useful if you turn it off and on immediately. It is a basic trick but it usually solves problems.

Disable antivirus

You may have antivirus software that interferes on the internet connection. If you are connected to WiFi but you do not have Internet on your computer and it works correctly on your mobile or tablet, watch out for the antivirus. Temporarily disable it to see if the Internet works this way. If it works, try another one or configure it so that it is not a problem making firewalls.

Problem solver

The Windows troubleshooter is another alternative or things to consider. Just go to the taskbar, look for the WiFi icon and right click. You will automatically see a pop-up window where you can click “Solve problems” and an analysis and a process will begin that you can answer: what network problems do you have, etc.

Slow or saturated connection

It may simply not go because there are too many people trying to connect to the same signal from different devices and your contracted Internet is not able to support so many requests.

Contact your operator

Another of the most frequent problems is that you do not have the error but the operator himself has suffered a fall. You can contact customer service and most fiber and fixed line operators have a technical service section where they will give you instructions on what you should do to try to solve it. Maybe it is not a problem with your devices, it has simply suffered a fall by zones and that is why you cannot connect

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