"Wild Bill": new British crime series on ZDFneo

Severed heads, annoying colleagues and life in the British province. The new crime series “Wild Bill” is running this week on ZDFneo.

US chief constable Bill Hixon, played by Rob Lowe, is the main character of the series. Bill and his adult daughter Kelsey have just moved from Miami to the British county of Boston, Lincolnshire. After the death of his wife, a new beginning is said. In the new home, however, Bill meets lousy colleagues and a no less bad-tempered boss (Tony Pitts). Little by little, however, Bill discovers that he fits the British province better than expected.

In episode 1, titled “Boston, Lincolnshire,” Bill Hixon now has to investigate a case where a woman’s severed head was found in a refrigerator. The dead woman had previously been missing for years. In addition, the “Wild Bill” is dealing with drug lord Oleg Kraznov (Aleksandar Jovaonic).

On July 31, ZDFneo will show all six episodes in one evening as a German premiere from 8:15 p.m. If you don’t feel like bing-watching, you can turn on Fridays for prime time in the coming weeks. Episodes 3 and 4 will run next Friday, August 7th. Episodes 5 and 6 will follow on August 14th. From August 1st, the entire season can be streamed in the ZDF media library. The episodes are available there until August 29.

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