Will AirPods soon transmit the sound directly over the skull?

The AirPods of the future may soon be able to send their sound waves directly through the skull. This emerges from a report by the tech portal appleinsider.

The portal is based on a patent application from Apple. A headset that could use the latest bone conduction technology can be seen on the published design sketches. To be more precise, a combination technique is apparently to be used, which works with bone conduction as well as with normal air-based sound transmission.

With bone technology, the AirPods would then send vibrations directly through the skull to the ear, where these vibrations are then converted into sound. As appleinsider explains, plugged ears would be a thing of the past. Humans could hear the sound of their player while still being aware of their surroundings. With the new technology, music could also be heard under water, according to the portal.

The matter should have a catch, however. Bone conduction should not work for frequencies as high as is the case with air-based sound conduction. The technique could also feel uncomfortable at high intensity. To avoid these errors, the new combination of bone and air transmission could be a solution, as can be seen in the descriptions from appleinsider. Apple is said to have worked on headphones that work with bone conduction in 2014 and 2015. However, the technology group has never launched such a product on the market.

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