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will integrate mail, chat, rooms and Google Meet

will integrate mail, chat, rooms and Google Meet

Weeks ago we can see how Gmail is starting to integrate with other Google apps on Android. First came video calls to the email app, a feature available in Spain as well. Also, a couple of weeks ago it was shown that the application was going to have chat conversations as well.

It seems that this integration will be even bigger, because Currently working on a Gmail redesign. The application will change its appearance and will serve as a productivity suite, since in it we will find ourselves with email, chat conversations, Google Meet and also with Rooms.

Gmail prepares for big changes

You can see the first screenshots of what Gmail will look like with this new design, where these other applications or Google tools are integrated into it. At the bottom of the application we find a menu where we can go through the functions or sections in the application. The aforementioned email, Chat, Rooms and Meet.

The Rooms tab is the most unknown on paper, but everything suggests that Google will leave us with a function inspired by applications like Slack. There will be rooms where specific projects or topics would be carried out, which you can share with other colleagues. This feature will surely sync with G Suite.

Hangouts Chat will be integrated in the Chats tab, although this is a function that was talked about a little while ago, so at the moment there does not seem to be any more news about it. We will be able to have individual and group chats with our contacts thanks to her. In the last tab is the integration with Google Meet, which is the one that gives access to functions such as video calls within Gmail.

Next week is expected let’s learn more about those changes in Gmail for Android, since the Google Cloud Next OnAir event is held, where there will be news from the firm, including this new design and functions that they will introduce in their email application.

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