Win new Overwatch items in the Sigma Maestro Challenge

A brand new Overwatch event called Sigma’s Maestro Challenge has just started. Blizzard Entertainment kicked off on Tuesday with the two-week event where players have the opportunity to receive special rewards. Players can master challenges in exchange for new items such as legendary skins, legendary emotes, player symbols and new sprays.

Check out the new trailer that shows some of the items and features you can purchase during this challenge.

You can take part in this challenge on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC versions of Overwatch.

What can you win?

What can you gain from this challenge and how? Well, it all depends on how many wins you can make in different game modes and how long you want to watch Twitch streams.

If you achieve three wins in Quick Play, Competitive or Arcade mode, you will receive two player symbols. With six wins you get an emote. If you score nine wins, you win the legendary Maestro Sigma skin.

If you’re already addicted to Twitch, you’ll love this next piece. You can watch participating streams to get new sprays.

To get these sprays, all you have to do is adjust to a Twitch streamer that plays Overwatch. If you watch for two hours (or just let it run in the background while doing other things), you’ll get a new spray. If you watch for four hours, you get two more sprays and six hours three more sprays.

Listen to the New Overwatch soundtrack

The Sigma Maestro Challenge also includes the release of a brand new Overwatch soundtrack, Cities and Countries. This is music from Overwatch maps and missions around the world. You can now listen to it on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer or Youtube.

The Sigma Maestro Challenge ends on July 27th. So you still have some time to participate if you want to buy new cosmetics.

Are you taking part in the new Sigma Maestro Overwatch Challenge? What do you hope to include during the challenge? Let us know in the comments below.

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