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Windows 10 20H2: Microsoft is testing changes to the interface in the beta channel

Windows 10 20H2: Microsoft is testing changes to the interface in the beta channel

The start menu receives transparent backgrounds for tiles. If required, they adapt automatically to the color theme. Other changes concern the quick change between applications via ALT + TAB and the taskbar.

Microsoft has a new preview version of Windows 10 released. Build 19042.421 is available on the Insider Program Beta Channel. It contains innovations that are intended for the upcoming function update 20H2 from Windows 10. This also includes the changes planned for the Windows interface.

The developers especially revised the start menu. It does without the background colors of app icons. In addition, the tiles are given a partially transparent background, which should convey a uniform look overall. Another new feature is that the color of the transparent tile background can be automatically adapted to the current Windows color theme or the color of the background.

Start menu of Windows 10 Build 19042.421 (Image: Microsoft)Another new feature is that Windows 10 also shows the tabs opened in Microsoft Edge in the view of the open applications (ALT + TAB). This should make it easier for users to switch between applications and websites opened in the browser. In the Settings app, the number of displayed browser tabs can be limited under Multitasking or the new function can be switched off completely.

Another change affects websites pinned to the taskbar. When the mouse pointer is placed on the symbol of a pinned and open website, a small preview of the website appears – as users know from pinned applications. However, the preview currently only works with newly pinned websites. Existing websites currently need to be resolved and tacked again for the preview to appear.

In addition, Windows 10 will offer users a personalized taskbar in the future. However, it is reserved for new users. Microsoft expressly excludes Windows 10 from changing a user-customized taskbar.

The so-called toast notification also shows a logo of the app in the upper left corner, so that users can more quickly identify the origin of the notification. In addition, a cross is now permanently displayed in the top right corner to close the notification.

Another innovation is reserved for users of 2-in-1 devices. When you disconnect the keyboard, they no longer display the dialog with which users can decide whether they want to switch to classic tablet mode or the new desktop interface introduced with the May 2020 update. The new interface is now preset. In the settings, this option can be changed at any time under System, Tablet.

Of course, the new build also fixes several known bugs. Among them is a bug that restricted Internet connections via LTE modems. A complete list of all fixes can be found in the blog entry for build 19042.421.

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