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Windows 10: Automatically empty download folder

by Tejas Dhawan

Over time, more and more files end up in the download directory, so that it often turns into a data dump. In Windows 10, Microsoft has provided an option to prevent just that.

The whole thing can be realized with the help of memory optimization. This in Depending on the setting, Windows 10 integrated tool can remove unnecessary files from the hard disk if space is limited or at regular time intervals. You can also include the content of the download folder for this purpose.

To turn the mechanism on, go to Windows Settings, the quickest way to do this is by shortcut Windows key + i succeed. Of course, you can also navigate there using the start menu. Click on the overview page system. Then go to the section on the left Storage and activate the switch for memory optimization on the right side. Then follow the link below that leads you to the various configuration options.

The first pulldown list can be used to determine when Windows should start optimizing memory. You can choose from Every day, Every week, Every month and With little free space. The latter is the standard setting, so that the automatism only starts when the space on the data carrier becomes scarce. The operating system itself decides which critical level must be reached.

You can use the third selection menu further down on the page to control whether the download folder should also be included in this cleanup. With the default Never This folder is ignored, while the remaining entries determine the age from which files in the download directory are removed. You can under the options 1 day, 14 days, 30 days and 60 days choose.

It is also possible to trigger memory optimization manually. To do this, click in the section Free up space now just click the button Clean up now. (ad)

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