Windows 10 launches new start menu with build 20161

Last week we had the opportunity to see a preview of the new Windows 10 start menu, and today, finally, Microsoft has confirmed it in a post it has published on its official blog to discuss the update 20161 Windows 10, available only on the Insider channel.

In general, the list of news that this update brings is quite large, but there are three changes that must focus our attention for being, without a doubt, the most interesting. The first is, as we have said, the new start menu, which we can see in detail in the attached images.

Before and After: Windows 10 Start menu in dark theme.

We have a much cleaner design, with a marked touch minimalist that fits better with the style that Microsoft has been following in its latest updates. As indicated by the Redmond giant, the solid color background has been removed from the live tiles and a touch of transparency has been applied to them. As you can imagine, this movement follows the direction set by the design language Fluent Design.

New Windows 10 Start Menu Unifies Design

Windows 10’s new start menu represents a movement focused on the design unification around Fluent Design. That new start menu integrates seamlessly with both the dark theme and the light theme, according to Microsoft, and maintains, as we have said, the live tiles.

We jump from the new start menu to task changer. The classic “alt + tab” command keeps its functionality intact, but it has minor changes that improve its integration with Edge. Thus, when we use this command it will also show all the tabs that we have open in the well-known Microsoft browser, although this will be optional, which means that we can disable it without problem. We will only have to enter the path “Configuration> System> Multitasking”.

All tabs open in Microsoft Edge will start appearing in Alt + TAB!

We already know the changes that the start menu and the task exchanger bring in the 20161 version of Windows 10, now we have to enter to see those that Microsoft has introduced in the taskbar, which happens to include a Windows Live and My Phone icon, although it is a change that only applies to new users. This means that these changes only affect users who create a new account, so do not fear, if you already have a custom taskbar, it will not undergo any changes.

Finally we can also find other changes focused on improving the notifications, specifically in the management of the same, since now they will show an «X» that will facilitate the closing of these, in the eExperience of use when working with two-in-one devices and in the graphical mode of the calculator.

Windows 10 debuts new start menu and improves task switcher 37

In addition to these new features and changes at the design and function level, Microsoft has confirmed a long list of bug fixes, and has also indicated others that have been identified after the release of this update and that, we imagine, will be solved in the short term.

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