Windows 10: May update removes practical feature

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With the current May update, not only have new functions been introduced in Windows 10, but old features have also been deleted. One of them was quietly and secretly removed by Microsoft – but with good reason.

Automatic driver search over the Internet: Removed popular function from Windows 10

The device manager in Windows 10 is still the first point of contact for many users when the hardware causes problems again. The current driver can be uninstalled and updated in a very short time using the utility. But this feature has been severely restricted by Microsoft since the May update for Windows 10, as Dr. Windows reports.

So far, users could have drivers downloaded and installed directly from the network via the device manager, but this option was deactivated with the May update. Although the option of automatic driver search is still offered, Windows then only searches for suitable drivers that are already on the system. The option of manually specifying a corresponding file path has also been retained for users.

The current tech news at a glance:

Functional restrictions of the device manager: Windows pursues a clear strategy

Even if the loss of the function should be a nuisance for many users, this step was foreseeable. Finally, Microsoft announced months ago that, for example, drivers for graphics cards will be offered as an optional update via the internal Windows update function in the future. Now you seem to want to expand this strategy further and also want to keep other hardware up to date via the update program.

This switch would also be an advantage for the manufacturers. From now on, they could choose whether the new drivers are critical, dynamic or manual updates. Depending on the selection, the new software is distributed to the users at different speeds.

After 5 years, the design of Windows 10 could use a little fresh wind:

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Hey Microsoft, why doesn’t Windows 10 look like this?

At the same time, it remains questionable how long the device manager will remain in its current form for users. Finally, it is common knowledge that Microsoft has been working for years to port as many functions as possible from the old utilities into the modern settings app. The old system control will also fall victim to this project at some point.

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