Windows 10 will fix the annoying Chrome notification bug

When you receive one notification in Google Chrome, you will have noticed that you also receive it in Windows 10. This not only causes the notifications to be doubled, but also when clicking on a notification that is not the most recent, it will not open the origin of this notification, as it can be a page like WhatsApp Web. Others that often appear a lot are Windows Defender notifications, which can be easily disabled.

Changes in Chromium: goodbye to empty notifications

A few days ago, Microsoft added a new contribution to Chromium, which it claims will “allow notifications to be stored in the browser when they appear in the Activity Center.” Thanks to this change, the Activity center no You will be able to ignore Chrome notifications when it is displayed by itself.

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This change will be applied from Windows 10 May 2020 Update and later, while for older versions of Windows 10 it will be the operating system that will detect when notifications are closed by periodically checking the status of notifications from the Chromium-based browser; specifically, every 10 minutes.

The specific commit that changes the functionality is «NotificationPlatformBridgeWin«. We don’t know when it will be available to all users, but hopefully it will start appearing in the next Canary builds of both Edge and Chrome, and will hit stable versions for all users in a few months.

Microsoft continues to make interesting contributions to Chromium

These types of changes come thanks to the fact that Microsoft has been making contributions to the Chromium project since 2018 after leaving EdgeHTML in its browser. Thanks to this, Edge and Chrome are now first cousins, and most of the novelties that reach one browser end up reaching the other. If not for that, this bug probably would not have been fixed.

Therefore, it is likely that the integration of Chrome in Windows 10 will be improved soon, despite the fact that Microsoft continues to urge its users to use Edge through ads when you search for things like “Chrome” or “Internet” in the start menu, where they “recommend” using Edge.

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