Windows 10 will report its news with a new function

Until now, Microsoft published an entry on its blog with all the news of the operating system, where some of it was difficult to locate in the system. Therefore, as of 21H1, Windows 10 will tell you what the new features that have reached the system.

Microsoft will show you pop-up windows with what’s new in Windows 10

It happens to many users that when updating they do not know how to identify what is new, and they may not even discover new functionalities of the system or settings that have changed location. Therefore, Microsoft will include “Tips” or “Suggestions”, where the main news that your computer has received will be highlighted.

The function is available from build 20190 for Insiders, and we will have to wait a few months to test it on our computers. Also, Insiders have to go to Settings> System> Notifications and Actions, and activate the section that says “Show me the Windows welcome experience after updates and when I log in for news and suggestions.”

These types of suggestions can be convenient to get to know the system better, but activating them also opens the door for Microsoft to show you pop-ups in the operating system. For example, the company tries in every possible way that we use Microsoft Edge, where it shows us the browser as a suggestion when looking for things like “Chrome” or “browser”. Even when we open it for the first time, it shows us another pop-up message to encourage us to use it. All this, luckily, can be avoided by disabling the option.

Greater control over the graphics card

Another interesting novelty that Microsoft is going to include in Windows 10 is greater control over which graphics card the applications have to use. Currently this does not work very well, and now they have updated the graphics settings to allow specifying a specific graphics card as the one to be used by the system for high performance tasks, as well as allowing us to choose which graphics card to use for each application.

Thanks to this, we can choose the integrated graphics card to use less battery in a laptop, or force the computer to use the dedicated one if we are going to use it in game or in another task in which we are having performance problems such as the another to decode a video with a codec that the integrated one does not reproduce, but the dedicated one does.

Finally, Microsoft is going to hold a conference on August 18 in which they will show news regarding Windows.

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