Wireless headphones on sale similar to AirPods

In fact you could say that these are a type of gadget that has not stopped growing in recent times. It is a type of headphone design that initially achieved fame thanks to the Apple Airpods, and then they have gradually adopted many manufacturers. This is why we currently have a wide variety of products in this format, as many of you already know.

More and more users are wearing one of these totally wireless headphones connected to their mobile phones most of the time, whether for one type of use or another. They can be used to listen music, podcast, like hands free, etc. They are connected to the terminal via Bluetooth and are very comfortable for everyday use, even if we have to charge them from time to time. Once we know all this, it is in these same lines that we are going to talk about a series of offers on totally wireless headphones that you will find right now on Amazon.

There are very varied costs, as you will see, so the choice in terms of what we are going to spend on it is quite wide. In addition, if we have any problems with shipments, Amazon has several ways of communication.

Selection of discounted wireless headphones on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Buds +

But let’s focus on what really interests us, the offers as such that we have told you about. Thus, first of all we will talk about the Samsung Galaxy Buds +, totally wireless headphones in an attractive blue color that have their own integrated microphone and offer us a autonomy up to 22 hours. It is also worth commenting that they have a weight of only 150 grams, all with a 26% discount.

Huawei Freebuds3i

On the other hand we are going to talk about another model also from a well-known technology manufacturer, we refer to the Huawei Freebuds3i. These would come to us in white and it is about wireless headphones that have intelligent cancellation of external noise, and with Huawei AP52 Adapter. They come with their own charging base and weigh 322 grams, all with a 14% discount right now.

Aukey Wireless Headphones

And with a 25% discount, we are going to find this other model, the fully wireless headphones with connectivity Bluetooth from Aukey. Specifically, we are talking about a device that has its own charging box and a built-in microphone. At the same time it has touch control and autonomy of up to 25 hours, compatible with iOS and Android.

Enacfire E60 V5.0

Next we will talk about a model that has a discount Right now 50%, the wireless headphones Enacfire E60 V5.0 wireless headphones. Say that they offer us an autonomy of 8 hours of reproduction. At the same time they have Qualcomm Apt-X technology for low sounds and come with its charging base.


And we are going to end this selection with a model lowered 28% right now. Specifically we are referring to headphones without cables raincoats IP7 with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. They come to us with their own charging base and offer a standby autonomy of up to 125 hours, plus more than 5 hours of playback.

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