With iOS 14 you can choose where the new downloaded apps will go

On June 11, after concluding the WWDC 2020 presentation keynote, Apple released the first betas of this year’s new firmwares for all your devices, for use and enjoyment by your application developers. Among them, iOS 14.

Many are the already commented news of the new operating system of the iPhones that all users will be able to enjoy surely from October. Among them, one that has stood out a lot is the new Application library. By default, when you download a new app, iOS 14 will place it in that library. Let you know that you have the option to change it to the traditional system.

One of the most eye-catching novelties of the new iOS 14, together with the appearance of widgets, is the Application Library. Introduced only on iPhones, this library automatically organizes applications in a central view at the bottom of the home screen pages.

It also lets you browse all of your installed apps alphabetically and automatically sorts your apps into different categories. It is a new way of have ordered all the apps you have on your iPhone.

If you have already upgraded to iOS 14 in beta, you will see that any new download of a new application will appear in the application library instead of appearing on the home screen as before. While this may help clear up icon-filled home screens, less experienced users may be wondering where their downloaded apps are.

Fortunately, Apple gives you the option to choose for yourself where the new iPhone application downloads will appear. You can choose whether new app downloads are added to the home screen as before or that they only appear in the app library.

How to configure where the new installed apps appear

By default iOS 14 saves them in the application library. If you want to change it so that it saves them as always on the home screen, follow these steps:

  • Opens Adjustments.
  • Opens Starting screen.
  • Choose if you want new downloaded apps to be added to the starting screen, or only to the library.

If you choose the first option, the new applications you download will be added to the home screen, as before. They also automatically appear in the app library. Recent app downloads can always be found in the “Just Added” folder of the app library.

If you choose the second, new downloads are only added to the app library and will not appear on any of the home screens. This means that the application startup screens do not fill up and are always kept only with the icons you want.

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