With the closure of Play Music, Wear OS runs out of music application

A few days ago we talked about the definitive closure of Google Play Music, Google’s music service that has been active since 2011 and one of the best options in Spain to have our own personal music cloud. This service has lost relevance within Google since the company began to bet the maximum on YouTube Music, which has ended up having an impact on what is expected.

The closure of Play Music is not immediate, and is that Google has been warning us for months that we transfer our music to YouTube Music, something that in a matter of weeks we will no longer be able to do (although we will be able to continue downloading the music through Google Takeout until December ).

However, as much as Google has explained very clearly what the transition will be like, it has forgotten about Wear OS, which will be left without a music application.

With the closure of Google Play Music, Wear OS is orphaned (musically speaking)

Smart watches still have great room for evolution, but there are still a number of skills in which they are excellent and that allow us, on occasions, to be able to spend a few hours without a mobile. Like, for example, bring our music.

YouTube Music could replace Play Music as a system application

If Wear OS, this possibility will disappear in a matter of weeks, and is that with the closure of Google Play Music, the Google operating system for watches will run out of music application.

Google claims they’re focusing on providing the best possible experience with YouTube Music and all connected devices with enhancements that will arrive in the next few months. Meanwhile, the solution they suggest on Google is to use the YouTube Music notification multimedia controls.

Fortunately, there are still alternatives like Spotify.

Google’s sense of humor is sometimes difficult to understand, and it is that although they have been preparing for the closure of Google Play Music for more than a year, they have reached the final stretch and still do not have a music application to replace a service for the other. One more example of Google’s laziness towards Wear OS.

On a personal level I have never been a big fan of Google Play Music on Wear OS, and third-party solutions like NavMusic are much more recommendable in this regard. But this planning disaster does not enter our minds.

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