Wndows 10 New Start Menu Date: Now Testable

Microsoft yesterday released the build 20161 of Windows 10 21H1. In it, the company has introduced numerous changes, but the most important one is found when opening the start menu, which says goodbye to icons with a blue background. From now on, the normal and dynamic icons will have a background according to the color and the Theme that we have chosen in the system, with a slight transparency depending on the wallpaper, adjusting to Fluent Design.

This will change the design of the new start menu

At the launch of the latest build, Microsoft explained that they have made the changes to create a more uniform design in the system following the design guides of Fluent Design that they already use in Office, Edge, Microsoft Store, and apps such as Calculator, Mail , Calendar, etc. In the following image we can see how the new start menu will be with the Dark and Light themes.

The menu color can only change if we have the dark theme activated. Then you have to go to Settings> Personalization> Color, and we can already change the color to the tones we want, as we see in the following image.

By introducing this improvement in this 21H1 build, we can see that this new design will arrive on our computers in spring 2021, probably at the end of May. Meanwhile, the only possibility to test this novelty will be to switch to the Insider channel.

Alt + Tab changes and other improvements

Other changes have also been introduced, such as the way we use the Alt + Tab. Currently, when we press it, we switch between programs, but after 21H1, it will also be used to switch directly between Edge tabs. If you don’t like this option, Microsoft will at least allow you to disable it.

There will also be more personalized experiences. For example, if our Microsoft account is linked to an Android mobile or an Xbox account, installing Windows 10 from scratch will change the default icons that we find in the taskbar, including Your Phone or Xbox Live.

In notifications, the logo of the app that generates them will also be bigger to better identify it. Finally, in the Configuration menu we can now copy all the specifications of our computer to have them at hand.

Graphing Calculator Available May 2020 Update

Another novelty that we can test if we have the stable version of Windows 10 is the graphing calculator. This new mode is available in the System Calculator application. This change comes after Microsoft released the code for this essential app in the system, as well as including new features such as being able to always show it in the foreground or a new icon.

To receive this new version, we have to go to the Microsoft Store, and search for “Windows Calculator”. On the page of the app, three points must appear next to «Start». There we should get the option to Update. We install the update, and in the menu we should already have the option of “Graphic”.

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