Workplace app to Corona: How Siemens manages the return to the office

Like many other companies, Siemens is currently faced with the challenge of ensuring a safe return to office workplaces under pandemic conditions. While Corona accelerated the demand for digital applications, it also showed how important office space is for collaboration.

That is why the group now wants to bring back around 100,000 employees in 30 countries at around 600 company locations. At the same time, the concept of a “new normal” working model is to be realized. The aim of the concept is that all employees worldwide can always work on average two to three days a week, whenever it is sensible and feasible. After all, the corona crisis and social distancing would have shown that working from anywhere offers many advantages and is possible on a much larger scale than originally assumed.

The group wants to master this balancing act between returning to the office and a new work model with digital support. For this purpose, the introduction of a workplace app is planned by October. You didn’t have to look for a suitable workplace experience solution at Siemens because there is the right know-how internally. In 2018, the takeover of Building Robotics was used to buy a provider of workplace apps – since then the SaaS solution Comfy has been part of the cloud portfolio.