Would you pay more to watch the games?

Netflix has become one of the main entertainment giants, and the biggest benchmark when it comes to content playback on streaming. The American company seems to be dissatisfied only with movies and series and intends to monopolize as much time as possible in which we have access to a screen.

The next big step for the company will be soccer, which is that in the last few hours it has been confirmed that the streaming platform will be able to broadcast soccer matches in France in a new agreement with MediaPro. What does this agreement consist of and how could it affect us in the future?

Soccer on Netflix first in France

A few days ago, Netflix made an agreement with Mediapro, to be able to take over the rights to soccer broadcasts in France. This agreement allows broadcasting of Ligue 1, Champions and Europa League football matches, being one of the most powerful agreements for both companies.

The main question with this new agreement is how this agreement can affect the rest of the content. Despite the fact that Netflix increases its prices every month, the amount of content it offers is very affordable compared to any soccer package that can be contracted separately, since Netflix series and movies, both in-house and licensed, come by part of the subscription fee of each of the users.

The bet for soccer begins in France, but it would not be surprising if it reaches more countries.

Does this mean that Netflix would start charging users more or cut the budget on other content? Not at all, and is that although football matches are broadcast on the platform, whoever wants to access them will have to pay an additional subscription of 30 euros per month.

This movement at first is strange, but not isolated. A few days ago, Twitch announced that it will also broadcast traditional sports. This is part of an unstoppable trend, and is that little by little streaming platforms continue to steal prominence from content that previously we could only see on television.




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