WWDC 2020 online collected more than 22 million visitors

The Apple National Developer Conference (WWDC) is an annual event that gathers more than 10,000 attendees over the course of a week. At this time Apple presents all the news regarding its operating systems from the hand of engineers, experts and great personalities of the company. However, this year WWDC had to cancel in person to move to an online format that had never taken place. The doubts about its realization were dispelled with the presentation of the new operating systems: a film made presentation. The data, according to Tim Cook, also support the success of WWDC 2020 with more than 22 million visitors to all the videos of the conference.

72 hours of content for a fully online WWDC 2020

On March 13 Apple announced the official cancellation of WWDC 2020 in person. In March the pandemic began to become evident since a day later the state of alarm would be decreed in Spain. The uncertainty due to the evolution of COVID-19 and its impact on the world economy made WWDC accessed a new format completely online. There was very little information and detail about how the conference was to take place, even within days of its start.

However, a month later, Tim Cook assures that the coverage achieved has more than improved his expectations. The data speaks for itself: more than 4,500 sessions called ‘labs’, more than 72 hours of video for developers and over 22 million views across content. This was commented by the CEO of Apple a few hours ago at the press conference to present the economic results for the quarter:

It was a week filled with many exciting announcements. It should be noted that the first fully virtual WWDC went smoothly and many developers shared Positive comments. Some even asked Apple to use the online format in the future. One of the most positive aspects was that many more people were able to participate this year compared to a traditional WWDC face-to-face event.

If you want to enjoy all the content of WWDC 2020, you just have to access its official website. In it you will find all the online content that was played online between June 22 and 26. You can also filter the content by operating system or day it was broadcast.

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