Xbox boss says his console will be way ahead of PS5

Phil Spencer also saw the Sony conference and liked it, although in his opinion Xbox will be far ahead of PlayStation 5.

Phil Spencer is not only the head of the Xbox brand, but he is truly outstanding. With each of his statements, the headlines of the press come out on their own. Like the latter and that is that Phil Spencer has spoken with the Video Games Chronicle medium leaving enough pearls along the way.

As we all know, both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are just around the corner – although the PlayStation 4 is still an excellent option – and the war of new generation consoles has only just begun. Will the PS5 or Xbox Series X be better? Phil Spencer is clear.

The boss of Xbox is very clear: Xbox Series X and its games will be better than the competition

spectacular set up of PlayStation 4

Despite the fact that the PlayStation 5 will be spectacular, Phil Spencer believes that his Xbox will be much better.

Although Microsoft has always been a past ahead of Sony in terms of hardware, the truth is that PlayStation has always won thanks to its exclusive games. God of War, Uncharted, FInal Fantasy or Horizon Zero Dawn are good excuses to bet on Sony. However, Phil is not beaten by positivism.

Like millions of people around the world, Phil looked closely at the Sony conference where he introduced us to his PlayStation 5 and the exclusive games that will come with it. He admits without any problem that he liked it a lot and is even happy with what both Sony and Microsoft are going to present in the coming months. However, in said interview, he came to say that according to what was seen, Xbox will be above Sony.

“To be honest, I really liked the presentation of PlayStation 5. I think the advantages of the Xbox hardware will be seen as we talk more about our games and the performance of the console. But we are in a better position, both for our exclusive titles and for hardware, superior to PlayStation from the first day of launch ”.

Of course the Xbox boss is not going to say that his console is worse than the competition but the truth is that we are glad that his words are not only so positive but so honest. That the head of the brand admits that he really liked the Sony conference should make us rethink the pointless battles that exist between one side and anotherAnd is that if Phil Spencer himself has had no qualms about praising Sony publicly, why should we users argue among ourselves?

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