Xbox finally understood what PlayStation knew years ago

Microsoft has released new documents that reveal that the company plans to expand Xbox Game Studios and hire more first-party game developers. It looks like Xbox has now understood what the masses want.

Xbox Series X
Xbox Game Studio wants to invest.

We now know that the Xbox Series X will be out in November and that the Halo Infinite release has been postponed to 2021. While fans were looking forward to the game, most of them take the delay positively and look forward to the end result.

How it looks, would like to Xbox will take an example from PlayStation in the future and bet on more first-party games. To this end, the group will increasingly rely on developer studios such as 343 Industries, Obsidian Entertainment or Playground Games. At least that’s what a published financial report says.

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Xbox: The Financial Report

Microsoft has created a solid foothold with the Xbox Game Pass, but they are still a bit behind when it comes to first-party games. That could change in the future. In the financial report it says:

“Our gaming platform is designed to offer a variety of entertainment options through a unique combination of content, community and cloud. Our exclusive game content is created by Xbox Game Studios, a collection of first-party studios that create iconic and differentiated gaming experiences. We continue to invest in new game studios and content to expand our IP roadmap and attract new content creators. These unique gaming experiences are the cornerstone of Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service and a gaming community with access to a curated library of over 100 first-party and third-party console and PC titles. “

Let’s be surprised what Xbox Game Studios will conjure up for us in the future. We will keep you up to date.

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