Xbox Series X without Halo Infinite: release postponed far

We now know at least the month in which the Xbox Series X is expected to appear, but the announced launch game Halo Infinite will not be released together with the console. The developers still need time.

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite: Fans are patiently waiting for the release.

We now know that the Xbox Series X is likely to be released in November, and fans have been excited to get started with Halo Infinite right away, despite heavy criticism. Nothing will come of that for now, because 343 Industries has announced that the game is expected to be released in 2021. On Twitter is it[called:[called:

“The decision to postpone our release is the result of several factors that play a role in the development. Add to this the ongoing effects related to COVID, which will affect us all this year.
I would like to acknowledge the hard work of our team at 343 Industries, who continue to be committed to making a great game and finding solutions to the challenges that arise during development. However, it is not good for the welfare of our team or the overall success of the game if we release the game this winter.

We know this will be disappointing for many of you, and we all share this view. The passion and support the community has shown over the years has been incredible and inspiring. We wanted nothing more than to play our game with the community soon. In the extra time we can complete the critical work it takes to deliver the most ambitious Halo game ever with the quality our fans have come to expect, “said Chris Lee.

The first Halo Infinite gameplay material was recently released.

Halo Infinite: The fans react calmly

In the meantime it has become almost everyday that a release has to be postponed due to quality assurance. Accordingly, many fans are now relaxed and prefer to look forward to a finished product.

I consider this good news for a variety of reasons. Both Halo 4 and Halo 5 should have been postponed for their own reasons, and while the wait is silly, a more sophisticated product (especially if it allows the team to avoid a crunch) is worth the wait .

Not even angry because that’s a really good decision. “

Many believe that waiting is better than standing at the end of a game that no one is comfortable with – and they are absolutely right. An exact release date is not yet known. We will keep you up to date.

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