Xiaomi Door and Window Sensor 2: new smart sensor

He Xiaomi Door and Window Sensor 2 is the new version of the sensor included in your home automation pack with the Gateway which acts as a switchboard to control all smart home devices, and which was launched as a separate product in 2015. This new sensor has the same functionality as the original model, where one is placed almost glued to the window or door and another in the frame. In the frame, as it is always fixed, it is advisable to always put the largest part.

Xiaomi Door and Window Sensor 2: even smarter sensor

By means of a magnet, when opening the window or door, the sensor notices that there has been a movement, and immediately notifies the Gateway to send us an alert to the mobile. As well as for security reasons, this is very useful for automating actions. For example, we can put that, if we open the door to the street at 7 in the morning, all the lights in the home are turned off. We can also put that, if we open the door of the house between 2:00 p.m. or 3:00 p.m., that the air conditioning is turned on.

Xiaomi Door and Window Sensor 2 (1)

Now, this new sensor will be able to know what time it is, since Xiaomi has included a luminosity sensor in this model. Thanks to this, without even having to open the window, it is possible to configure the home lights to turn on from a certain time. This is very useful if we put it for example in a window, since it is an area of ​​our house where there is more light without reaching the outside, so the sensor can easily know when it is night.

Now we can set scenes automatically depending on the light

Thus, we can configure independent scenes by detect motion depending on whether the movement is detected by day or at night. We can also pair it with the voice assistant to ask if a door or window is closed. Another curious use of Xiaomi is that we can place the sensor together with a Xiaomi security camera. Thus, when the sensor detects movement, the camera automatically starts recording, ideal for thieves or to know if the pet is in the house. You can also put it in the refrigerator or toilet to see if the door opens or if the lid is lowered or not.

Its price is 39 yuan during the crowdfunding process, about 5 euros to change. When it goes on sale, its price will be 49 yuan, about 6 euros to change. It can be purchased from August 12, where we will surely be able to get hold of it shortly.

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