Xiaomi electric bicycle: characteristics, models and prices

Xiaomi has its own model of electric bicycle called QiCycle, and a sub-brand called Himo with several types of electric bicycle, both for the urban environment and for those who prefer mountain bike getaways.

Xiaomi QiCycle

The characteristics of the Xiaomi QiCycle electric bicycle are the same that we will find in the rest of the products of the Asian giant. A simple design, cutting-edge technology and an affordable price, a business model with which they have managed to capture many markets and with which they threaten to enter the mass market of bicycle users. In recent years, with the appearance of electric and urban design bicycles, many more citizens have decided to leave the car parked and get on one of these bikes. Also the cities, with your traffic restrictions, enable the flourishing of this market. And Xiaomi was not going to miss the opportunity.

As with scooters, an electric bicycle is a very good reason for mobility because it does not pollute, it is comfortable, it does not force us to look for parking and we can go door to door with our means of transport, without traffic jams and hardly getting tired, thanks to the motor that makes these bikes an ideal tool to move around big cities.

In some places the municipal rental of electric bicycles has already been implemented, but owning one of them has many advantages, such as not having to travel to a collection point for these bikes, or find you upon arrival that there is no free or that your motor or lights do not work.

The Xiaomi QiCycle has two models, the Asian and the European, which are practically the same except for two details. The version that has reached our continent is ten centimeters higher and its pedals are metal, while in Asia they are plastic. Its size is 126 centimeters high and its weight is 14.5 kilograms, partly thanks to its ultra light aluminum tubular, so we can transport it without major problems. It is also foldable, to store it at home without taking up much space or transport it in the car with ease.


In the technical specifications, the Xiaomi electric bicycle also comes out well. It has a battery that will give us a range of about 45 kilometers, four modes of use, an on-board computer, intelligent pedaling assistance and a three-speed gearbox. As for its cycling modes, we find four with different aids and characteristics depending on whether we configure one or the other. In training mode there will be no electric assistance. Its economic mode will give us a help of 50%, adding 30 W for low consumption and a longer battery life.

Xiaomi Qicycle

The balanced mode will provide an extra 60 W, balancing human power with that of the machine. And finally, for greater acceleration, we have the turbo mode, where it will help us 150% to our pedaling. We have to take into account that the pedaling assistant works until we reach the speed of 25 kilometers per hour. At that time, the help will be deactivated to avoid a greater risk at a faster speed.

Modes and headlights

We can change between these four modes easily on the handlebar, on the on-board computer, with a single touch. On this screen we will also see the speed, an activity monitoring that includes distance or calorie consumption, the state of the vehicle and the battery and a data storage. Your battery fully charges in about three to four hours thanks to its fast charge and is designed to be removed if we wish.

It has a front and rear light, to increase safety both day and night, and its three-speed gearbox, combined with the four driving modes, will give us many different opportunities to pedal, whether on an uphill, flat, if we just want to take a leisurely stroll or if we are in a hurry.

Xiaomi Qicycle


We can find the Xiaomi QiCycle around 900 euros on Amazon and it is an excellent option to avoid urban traffic for those who prefer a bicycle to a scooter.

Xiaomi Himo bikes

The Himo sub-brand also offers a wide variety of electric bikes, both urban and mountain, in different models, with different designs and specifications according to our needs and tastes.

For example, the latest Himo Z16, which stands out for its 80 kilometers of autonomy in its ECO mode. It is available in several colors: white, blue, orange and black, it weighs 22.5 kilos and its maximum pedaling assistance speed is also limited to 25 km / h. At its exit to the Chinese market it has a price of about 325 euros.

Himo C26

Another interesting model is the Himo C26 electric bicycle, which will delight MTB lovers. It is a more forceful bicycle, which offers almost 100 kilometers of autonomy and whose price for the change in Spain would be around 520 euros, a much lower price than other brands. It has a 250 W motor and a seven-speed Shimano brand. It also has the assistance limit at 25 kilometers per hour and has a hand throttle on the handlebar. Its wheels they are 26 inches and its weight of 25 kilos.

Himo C26 - Xiaomi Electric Bicycle

Himo Z14

Another novelty from Himo, this brand of urban electric bicycles that Xiaomi sells, is Z14, with a more classic design, more for a ride, for those who want the bicycle as a fashion accessory as well as a means of transport. It has a weight of 25.3 kilos and supports a passenger of up to 100 kilos. Like all other models, its speed is limited to 25 kilometers per hour.

Xiaomi electric bikes are full of advantages, as well as their scooters. They are an alternative to the car that benefits both the user and the rest of the city, since it prevents traffic jams and contamination. In addition, with its transport facilities, its folding ability and its driving modes, they become a convenient tool for city citizens, both on hills and over long distances.

HIMO Z14 - Xiaomi Electric Bicycle

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