Xiaomi explores and patents this rare mobile with a removable screen

Let’s see if you are able to find the reason for this strange “modular” concept from Xiaomi with a removable screen, because I can hardly guess what use this would have.

Many say that Xiaomi does not innovate, and although it is true that the Chinese giant has copied and sometimes continues to copy many of its competitors, it is also true that it continues to seek the perfect smartphone and that it has taught us strange ideas on many occasions.

Xiaomi’s rare patents number in the hundreds, and the last one has been taught to us by GizChina with a strange “modular” concept that would allow you to remove the screen of this hypothetical smartphoneFiltered in sketches that were filed with the China Patent Office, CNIPA.

The Mi MIX Alpha was the latest Xiaomi madness

First they remove the removable batteries, and then they bring us the removable screens

Modular designs on smartphones are not new, but so far this modularity had remained in Pogo type connectors to add accessories or jackets as housings with additional functionalities, something that Xiaomi does not think is enough and wants to continue exploring.

The mentioned patent dates from March 31, 2020 and in it a device built in two parts is detailed, the body or core of the smartphone and a removable part with the screen. Obviously it is thicker core, and of the screen highlights that there are no holes or notches for components or front cameras.

It seems to show a camera system or solution under the removable panel, because the body does show the space for the sensors and what could be an LED flash, although there are more doubts than certainties, as you will see, and it doesn’t seem easy to guess how Xiaomi would make those cameras work under the panel.

Another crazy design from Xiaomi, which now offers us a smartphone that could be removed from the screen without giving us details about the meaning of such a thing, and without informing about possible uses or functionalities of an independent ‘display’

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The mobile with removable screen from Xiaomi

This would be the Xiaomi mobile phone with a removable screen … These Chinese are crazy!

Viewing the patent and the different sketches presented it is also not clear if this screen would have its own battery, although it is to be hoped that this is the case because, certainly, extracting it would not make sense due to the lack of energy to offer us extra features.

Between body and screen would exist two 10-pin connectorsIn addition, the device would have a USB-C port, speaker and microphone on the bottom frame. The volume buttons would be present on the right, next to the power one, and the SIM tray would be placed in the left frame.

From behind we see a vertical triple camera module with LED flash just below, and since we don’t have much more information and we are not likely to see this device in stores at least in the short term, we can only debate what meaning we see.

How useful do you see a design like this? I think a removable screen would only make sense to use it as a secondary in other smartphones, or make it work remotely connected wirelessly with the core from the smartphone. It is difficult to understand for now what Xiaomi wants to do with such a mobile.

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