Xiaomi has just presented a low-cost fridge

The Mi 10 Ultra, Redmi K30 Ultra and a spectacular transparent TV are not the only products launched this week by Xiaomi. The Chinese company has also added a new reduced price fridge to its huge catalog.

It is the “Double Door Small Refrigerator” launched under the brand Mijia, a “small” 118-liter refrigerator, which comes at a price of less than 110 euros to change. Perfect to complete your kitchen together with the brand’s new smart microwave.

New XIaomi fridge

This is the new Xiaomi refrigerator, for less than $ 130 to change.

MIJIA’s new fridge comes at a price of less than 110 euros

We talk about the most affordable fridge released so far by Xiaomi. It is also one of the smallest, with dimensions of 470 millimeters wide, 1.1 meters high and just over half a meter deep.

Thanks to this size, the fridge will not take up too much space in our kitchen. 0.25 square meters, according to Xiaomi.

Its interior is made up of different compartments that can be adjusted based on our needs. In addition, it has a 33-liter freezer on top, which added to the 85 liters of the refrigerator, add up to a total of 118 liters of capacity.

Xiaomi Mijia Fridge

Xiaomi’s fridge has a 35-liter freezer on top.

Other interesting features of this product are its high efficiency compressors, which produce a sound of only 36 decibels. In addition, the energy consumption It is another of the strengths, as it is limited to a maximum of 0.49 kWh per day.

To conclude, the company claims to have integrated a *integrated evaporation system in the freezer compartment, capable of avoid the appearance of ice even in the lowest temperatures.

The price of the fridge is 129 dollars or 107 euros to change. It can be purchased from YouPin, the company’s official online store, as well as on the brand’s website.

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