Xiaomi is backing out: smartphone buyers have to wait longer

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Fans of the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi have to be prepared for a disappointment. A popular smartphone series should not get a new edition this year. On the other hand, there is good news from another Xiaomi project, with which the group wants to make itself more independent in the future.


Few smartphone manufacturers are as eager to experiment as Xiaomi. One of these experiments is the MIX series, which with its futuristic design especially appeals to technology-lovers with a penchant for extravagance. At least this year MIX fans will probably get away with nothing.

No Mi-MIX smartphone from Xiaomi this year

According to TheDroider Xiaomi will no longer see a Mi-MIX smartphone on the market in 2020. That is “officially confirmed”, they say. An entry in the Chinese Twitter counterpart, Weibo, is named as the source. Even more bitter: The Mi MIX Alpha should not go into mass production because the production is supposedly too complicated.

It is unclear whether Xiaomi is just taking a break or completely burying the Mi-MIX series. It would be conceivable that the company will say goodbye to such experiments due to its global expansion and would rather concentrate on penetrating the mass market – especially now that it has already achieved 3rd place in Europe. At least Mi-MIX fans will have to wait until next year.

This is how the Mi MIX Alpha from Xiaomi should have looked:

Xiaomi: Development of own processors not stopped

After all, it’s not all bad news. Xiaomi is said to have not stopped developing its own processors despite speculations to the contrary. Three years ago, the company launched its own chip, the Surge S1, but things got quiet after that. Nevertheless, according to TechDroider, the project continues and is still in development. With its own SoCs, Xiaomi would make itself independent of chip suppliers such as Qualcomm or MediaTek. Among other things, this can enable cost savings, as industry giants such as Samsung and Apple show.

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