Xiaomi launches a smart Mijia microwave that cooks alone

The oven, called Mijia Smart Convection Microwave OvenIt has the same appearance as the previous model, with a white body, touch panels and a multifunction button. However, it now adds new cooking functions, including steaming, grilling through a quartz tube, or simply heating food. The inside of the microwave has a volume of 23 liters.

It has grill mode and heat mode

The power in microwave mode is 800 W, while in grill mode it reaches the 1,000 W. It can also be used to sterilize tableware and bottles, and it even has a light mode to sterilize metal cutlery. It also has several defrosting modes, optimized for chicken, meat, seafood, fish, etc. Thanks to this, we can adjust the appropriate time for each product, where we can also choose the weight of the food to adjust it to the appropriate time.

Recipes can be made automatically

As for smart modes, the microwave can be control via WiFi with the Mijia app or through the XiaoAI voice assistant, with which we can adjust the time, the mode, turn it off, or ask how much microwave is left. In the app we can choose between a total of 40 recipes with a single click, and you can see at all times the steps that the recipe follows and the amounts that we have to put inside for them to cook.

These recipes will be expanded soon, so that more meals can be made taking advantage of this microwave functionality. It also has a food mode specifically for babies, and a combined cooking mode can be used. For example, we can introduce chicken so that it is heated on the inside, while we activate the grill rack so that it is toasted on the outside.

Its price is 549 yuan, about 67 euros to change. It will be on sale from Tuesday, August 11.

Mijia Internet Washing and Drying Machine 1C

As for the washer dryer, the Mijia Internet Washing and Drying Machine 1CIt has a washing capacity of 10 kg and a drying capacity of 6 kg, all of which can be done in the same step. During drying, 99.9% of bacteria are eliminated and in the entire washing and drying process 99.9% of mites are eliminated.

At the smart function level, it has voice control with Xiao AI to start or stop the washing machine, as well as to say how long it has left to finish. Its price is 1,899 yuan, about 232 euros to change, and will be on sale these days in China.

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