Xiaomi launches a spectacular mockup of more than 800 pieces

The Asian manufacturer surprises by selling a model of the Temple of Heaven, a popular monument in Beijing.

Xiaomi continues to launch products that move away from the world of smartphones, and the latest to arrive is a spectacular model of more than 800 pieces of the Temple of Heaven, which is located in the city of Beijing and has been considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco since 1998. A product designed for those who like to spend time with the family and which has been put up for sale through Mi .com, the firm’s own website.

If recently the Asian manufacturer surprised by selling a cat toy identical to Sauron’s eye from The Lord of the Rings; Now the company surprises with a model that has more than 800 pieces with which users can rebuild the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, one of the most visited places in the city and one of the most revered icons of Chinese culture (that you can now have in your house in miniature).

Xiaomi mockup

Xiaomi has for sale a model of the Temple of Heaven that has 800 pieces.

A model that is made to a scale of 1: 200 and it is made of high-density ABS and PC plastic. With this product, users can have a model of the 600-year-old monument in their own home. But for this they must first put in place the more than 800 pieces of white color, in total there are 877, which make up this model, and which can later be painted to give it more life.

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A model of the Temple of Heaven with a total of 877 pieces and high-density materials

Among other details, this model of the well-known temple has a total weight of 1.6 kg and dimensions of 40.3 x 30.1 x 15.5 centimeters. In addition, it is important to note that each of the pieces that make up this product follow the same pattern defined by its builders, so the Chinese company has managed to create a model identical to the original monument.

At the moment this new model of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing is available through Mi.com at a price of 999 yuan, which in exchange are about 121 euros. In the same way, it should be noted that it can only be purchased in China, since the company does not think that this product reaches other territories.

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