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Xiaomi Mi 10 + trolley case + 10 GB of data for € 25 a month

Xiaomi Mi 10 + trolley case + 10 GB of data for € 25 a month

Image source: MediaMarkt / manufacturer

MediaMarkt currently has a strange tariff deal for everyone who not only needs a smartphone with the right contract, but also a robust metal case for the next trip: you get the Xiaomi Mi 10 and a 10 GB LTE tariff in the telecommunications network for only 24.99 euros a month. There is also the “Xiaomi Metal Carry-on Luggage” – an ultra-robust trolley case. We checked the deal for you.

Xiaomi Mi 10 + 10 GB LTE data + telephony flat in the telecom network + case for 24.99 euros

With the Xiaomi Mi 10 At the beginning of the year, the Chinese manufacturer introduced a new high-end smartphone that convinces with its features. The 5G-capable cell phone not only offers a powerful processor and an almost borderless OLED display with 90 Hz refresh rate, but also a main camera with 108 MP sensor that can record videos in up to 8K. In addition, you will receive the “green LTE 10 GB Promo” tariff from mobilcom-debitel in the Telekom network 10 GB LTE data volume (up to 21.6 Mbit / s) for only 24.99 euros per month. On the way you can also use WiFi flexibly via the freenet hotspot flat. Only one SMS flat is missing in this offer.

Encore: In addition, you get a robust metal travel case worth around 166 euros “Xiaomi Mi Metal Carry-On Luggage”. The 4.2 kg trolley with integrated lock holds 31 liters.

Note: By lowering VAT, you will even pay a little less than the actual € 24.99 per month until December 31, 2020. You will only see the actual price on your invoice.

Overview of the tariff details:

  • Tariff: green LTE 10GB promo
  • Network: Telekom (via mobilcom-debitel)
  • 10 GB LTE data volume with up to 21.6 Mbit / s
  • Reduced speed after reaching the inclusive volume: 64 kbps
  • Allnet flat (only telephony)
  • EU roaming included
  • freenet hotspot flat
  • 5G tariff: No.
  • Minimum term: 24 months, 3 months notice

The smartphone at a glance:

  • Model: Xiaomi Mi 10
  • Display: 6.7 inch full HD + OLED with 90 Hz
  • Processor: Snapdragon 865
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Storage: 128 GB
  • Battery capacity: 4,780 mAh
  • Cameras (back) :: 108 MP (main camera), 13 MP (ultra wide angle), 2 MP (macro), 2 MP (depth information)
  • Cameras (front): 20 MP (main camera)
  • 3.5 mm jack: Yes
  • Connection: USB-C
  • 5G capable: Yes
  • Wireless charging: yes
  • IP certification: No.
  • Other: 30 watt wireless charging, reverse charging with 10 watt, fingerprint scanner in the display

But is something good, the cell phone? Well, the Xiaomi Mi 10 received a good rating of 80% in the GIGA test.

Xiaomi Mi 10 – tariff offer in the telecom network with calculated profit

So that one can estimate the services of the tariff, we calculate the costs for the hardware from the total costs over 24 months. This is how you can see whether the tariff bundle is worthwhile compared to a separate purchase (SIM-only tariff + smartphone):

  • Tariff costs “green LTE 10GB Promo”: 24 x 24.99 euros = 599.76 euros
  • Device surcharge: 1 euro
  • Connection price: 39.99 euros
  • Shipping costs: 3.85 euros
    = 644.60 euros total cost over 2 years minimum contract term

According to, you pay about 589 euros for the Xiaomi Mi 10 with a positively rated eBay seller. In addition, the Xiaomi case comes for around 169 euros.

  • Xiaomi Mi 10 (128 GB, gray): 589 euros
  • Xiaomi Mi Metal Carry-on Luggage 20 “: 166 euros
    = 755 euros device costs for single purchase

At this point we would now deduct the device costs from the total costs in order to obtain the pure costs for the mobilcom debitel tariff. The results show that you arithmetically even with this contract 110.40 euros profit power. If you would buy the hardware separately, you would pay more than for the entire minimum term with all one-off payments! Even without the value of the suitcase, your monthly contribution would effectively be less than 3 euros. A really strong offer for a 10 GB tariff in the telecom network.

Xiaomi Mi 10 with tariff: for whom is the offer worthwhile?

The offer is worthwhile for you if you want a future-proof high-end smartphone with all the features currently required and need a contract in the best network with lavish data volume.

The only downside: the maximum download speed of 21.6 Mbit / s and the missing 5G option in the tariff. Full HD streaming should still be possible without any problems. You benefit above all from the stable telecommunications network with high coverage in Germany. If you also use the metal case on top of that, you have an absolute top offer here.

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