Xiaomi officially launches a new clothes dryer

The latest product that the Chinese company launches on the market is a smart clothes dryer, and we tell you all its details.

Xiaomi has officially put it up for sale a new clothes dryer, which joins the extensive catalog of products far from the world of the Chinese company’s smartphone, which includes a cat toy identical to the eye of Sauron from The Lord of the Rings o a model with more than 800 pieces, among others.

On this occasion, the Asian manufacturer has put its new clothes dryer on sale through Mi.com, the firm’s own website. The new Mijia Internet Heat Pump Dryer, that’s what this new Xiaomi product is called, is a smart clothes dryer that stands out for having a load capacity of up to 10 kg (ideal for a family of four) and for its fast use mode of just 35 minutes, as collected from Xiaomiadictos.

Xiaomi has a new clothes dryer for sale

Xiaomi has a new clothes dryer for sale.

The Xiaomi Mijia Internet Heat Pump Dryer also stands out for its size of 598x660x850mm and its weight of 50 kilograms, in addition to its minimalist white design with some touches of black, such as the door of the dryer. Among its features, the new product of the Chinese firm also has up to a total of 22 drying modes They range from soft for delicate clothes, to some more intense that reach temperatures of up to 150 degrees.

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Up to 22 drying modes and a quick 35 minute use mode

This is the new Xiaomi clothes dryer

This is the new Xiaomi clothes dryer.

Among other details, the new Xiaomi dryer also incorporates a 35 minute fast mode It is fully capable of eliminating all kinds of mites and bacteria. Even the firm itself ensures that it has a 99 percent elimination rate. In the same way, the Xiaomi Mijia Internet Heat Pump Dryer integrates two modes of water evacuation: through an outlet pipe or through its removable tank.

Finally, it should be noted that the smart dryer also has WiFi connection to be able to manage it through an application for mobile devices and an informative front panel. At the moment this product is only for sale in China at a price of 3,499 yuan, which is approximately about 425 euros to change. We will have to wait to see if in the future the Xiaomi dryer will cross the Chinese border to reach other territories.

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