Xiaomi patents a mobile phone with double curved screen

Xiaomi has filed a patent for a new dual-display smartphone with a cascading curvature.

Xiaomi, which seems to continue betting on mobile phones with a transparent back, continues working on the arrival of its future terminals. If some time ago the company filed a patent for a folding phone and another for a rotary rear camera module, now a new patent has come to light with which the Chinese firm wants to take a walk to double screens.

On this occasion, and as reported by Let’s Go Digital, the technology giant presented a patent on January 19 that has now been published in the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) for a smartphone with a dual-screen waterfall design, and a huge camera with a bulky ring on the back of the device.

Xiaomi patent smartphone 5g double screen

This is the new Xiaomi patent for a 5G dual-screen smartphone.

Furthermore, as is customary, the patent also includes a series of color renderings of this mysterious device and some black and white diagrams revealing all the details of the phone. A terminal that also stands out for having a full screen that wraps around the phone in a similar way to My Mix Alpha, which at the time revolutionized curved screens.

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A mysterious cascading dual-screen smartphone

Xiaomi smartphone double screen patent

Xiaomi files a patent for a dual-screen smartphone.

With an edge-to-edge screen covering the lower half of the back, the new phone Xiaomi is preparing has the full sides of the screen and I wouldn’t have a button. The images show that he would arrive with a USB Type-C and two vents, which could correspond to the microphone and main speaker, plus a dual stereo setup at the bottom.

At the top you can see some cuts for what appears to be an emerging mechanism for the front camera and a secondary microphone. It could even belong to an on-off button, since the phone has a second screen, so the company could remove the front camera and allow users to take selfies directly from the rear camera by switching to the second screen. In addition, it has also been revealed that it will have two designs: one with black frames and another in transparent with an AI Super Camera and a 108 megapixel zoom lens.

It should be noted that for the moment this information must be taken for what it is, a patent, as this peculiar rotating camera module may never see the light or, on the contrary, it will, even with a different design. It only remains to wait for Xiaomi make the arrival of this interesting smartphone official to know all its characteristics.

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