Xiaomi phones: secret function discovered

Image source: GIGA – Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

Xiaomi is known for implementing unusual ideas. A secret function has now been discovered that simplifies the operation of Android smartphones. GIGA tells you exactly what you can do with it and where this feature is really known from.


Xiaomi phones get back tap feature

Various smartphone manufacturers have been trying for a long time to introduce a function that can be used to turn the back into a user interface. Google and Apple are working on the so-called “back tap” feature. The plan is to trigger actions by tapping the back. New hardware does not have to be installed for this. The integrated sensors should be sufficient to enable this function. Google could introduce this feature with the Pixel 5 and Android 11, Apple wants to do it with iOS 14. Xiaomi could forestall everyone and integrate it into MIUI 12 – reports GSMArena. The “back tap” feature is already included in the new interface and is even more extensive.

Google and Apple want to allow a maximum of two taps on the back to perform a function. Xiaomi would like to enable three taps to accommodate more functions. So you could take a screenshot, turn on the LED as a flashlight, open the “Control Center”, call up the notifications or start the camera. All without pressing a physical button, just by tapping the back. At least Xiaomi wants to provide these options.

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New Xiaomi function: brilliant or superfluous?

It depends very much on how well the recognition of typing on the back works. If this happens very reliably, an additional way of reaching the notifications would certainly be very practical. However, if the recognition is inaccurate and the camera app simply starts up again and again unintentionally, that would be a failure. However, Xiaomi allows the function to be deactivated. If you don’t want to use the “Back Tap” feature, you can of course turn it off. It is currently unclear whether all Xiaomi phones really get the function. GIGA will inform you if there is more information.

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