Xiaomi puts on sale an Android mini-mobile phone with a Game Boy appearance

It is an ultra-reduced size mobile whose design is reminiscent of that of the Nintendo console.

The Beijing giant Xiaomi has again put on sale in your YouPin store a device that we would love to be able to reach out to. This time, it is a Android-based mini-mobile whose appearance resembles that of a Nintendo Game Boy.

The device is part of the family of terminals Qin AI signed by the company’s Qin sub-brand, which we talked about last year after the launch of the striking Qin AI Life 4G. In this case, we talk about a child oriented mobile, but it doesn’t lack some of the latest connectivity features.

Xiaomi Game Boy style Android mini mobile phone

This is what the new Android mini-mobile looks like that XIaomi has put up for sale on YouPin

The new Qin AI Phone reminds of a Game Boy

The most peculiar thing about this device is, without a doubt, its physical appearance. It has an ultra-reduced size – only 74 millimeters high and 28.6 millimeters wide – and its rectangular body is made of plastic. The upper half of its front is occupied by a small screen with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels, while the lower half is starring a keypad which includes the classic cross-piece that we can find in some portable consoles, and two other buttons that, we suppose, allow us to “go back” and return to the “home” of the system.

Other interesting details included in the device are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, in addition to eSIM with 4G connectivity for calls and data. It also has GPS, and integrates a 1,150 mAh capacity battery. On the other hand, the company’s virtual assistant, XiaoAI, is included in the software to help users carry out various tasks via voice. It is worth mentioning that, as can be seen in some of the promotional images of the device, the new Qin Ai Phone does not include camera, but yes microphone.

Qin AI Phone

Xiaomi’s new mini-mobile can be purchased in two colors

The device is already for sale on YouPin, where it can be purchased at a price of 399 Yuan, less than 50 euros to change. At the moment it is not possible to acquire it from other countries, but it is expected that sooner or later it will end up landing in the main import stores, in the same way that it happened with its older brother, who today can be purchased at a price of less than 80 euros. .

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