Xiaomi sells a personal agenda with fingerprint

Xiaomi has for sale on Youpin a curious agenda that is unlocked with a fingerprint and has 60 hours of autonomy.

Xiaomi is a company that has a wide catalog of products that move away from smart phones. Over time, the Chinese firm has launched some very peculiar ones, such as a cap that can keep you from going bald or headphones for a better sleep, among others. Now the Asian manufacturer has put up for sale through Youpin, its third-party store, a curious agenda that is unlocked with fingerprint so no one else can open it.

The technological giant has put up for sale through Youpin, and which is echoed in Xiaomiadictos, a curious personal agenda that stands out for having a fingerprint sensor so that the user can unlock and open said product. Among its features, this diary is made of textured PU materials and offers a new vision for classic notepads where only its owner can open it. But that is not all, since it also has a elegant design.

Xiaomi Youpin fingerprint reader agenda

Xiaomi has for sale on Youpin an agenda with fingerprint reader.

This peculiar agenda that Xiaomi has for sale also incorporates various interior compartments to store credit cards, pens, pencils and any other necessary item for an agenda. It even has a standard size B6 back that can be easily exchanged if necessary. Without a doubt, we are facing one of the most striking products which can be found on Youpin.

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An agenda that allows you to store up to two fingerprints

Agenda with fingerprint reader xiaomi

This is the agenda with fingerprint reader that Xiaomi sells on Youpin.

There is no doubt that what most attracts the attention of this agenda is its protection mechanism, since both to open it and to block it it is necessary to use your finger, because it has a fingerprint sensor that is capable of storing up to two different fingerprints and of recognizing the finger in any direction, unlocking in just half a second.

To close the agenda, just close the covers, and they will automatically be locked. Among other details, this agenda also has a 160mAh battery, offering a autonomy of up to 60 days of use and about 10 daily unlocks. At the moment this curious product is only available in China at a price of 1299 yuan, which in exchange for about 38 euros approximately. It is expected that this agenda can be acquired in the rest of the markets in the coming days through other export stores.

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