Xiaomi wants to reissue unusual cell phone idea: will it work this time?

Image source: GIGA

Xiaomi has noticed more and more recently when planning relatively unusual smartphones. It is no different with the idea that has now emerged, whereby the Chinese manufacturer takes up an old idea here.


Xiaomi plans modular cell phone

Google had tried Project Ara, but then stopped development. Motorola even made it onto the market with the Moto-Z series, but the success did not materialize. There is no longer a modular mobile phone on the market, so Xiaomi could certainly boast a unique selling point. The patent that has now emerged shows how the Chinese manufacturer would imagine that. According to the information from LetsGoDigital, the display could be separated from the back:

The back looks like a slightly thicker shell. The buttons, the battery and the main camera are installed there. You can see from the USB-C port that this is a current concept. Under-display camera technology is also used. Both the dual camera and the LED flash sit under the display and are invisible. Exactly what Xiaomi is aiming for with this idea is not entirely clear. It would be conceivable to use various “holders” in which the display can be clicked on. This is how Xiaomi could build an ecosystem.

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Can Xiaomi get started with this idea?

It depends on how good the implementation really is. If Xiaomi can show a real added value of this idea, such a modular cell phone with lots of accessories would certainly be a good idea. So far, however, no concept has been able to convince and prevail. But it would also be conceivable that the Chinese company would like to show how innovative it is – and not just want to build boring mobile phones, as the competition does. However, it is unclear whether Xiaomi will implement this idea in a final product. If that happens, GIGA will provide you with all the details.

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