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Xiaomi will sell a very limited edition of its 10th anniversary pet figures

Xiaomi will sell a very limited edition of its 10th anniversary pet figures

Xiaomi will present new figures of its popular mascot although they will be impossible to get outside of China

Tomorrow, August 11, Xiaomi will organize an event to launch certain limited editions of its Mi 10 Ultra or Redmi K30 phones.

But in addition to these smartphones, The Chinese firm will launch another product that its fans have been waiting for a long time, as much or almost more than any of your mobile devices.

Xiaomi will sell a special edition of its pet in the form of a figure, and it will not be easy to get

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Mitu is such a popular pet that he even has his own line of figures

This is confirmed by the signature on the Weibo social network and the brand’s most ardent fans have already gone completely crazy.

Mitu is a well-known Xiaomi bunny and has been its official mascot since practically the beginning of the brand. It is already an image associated with the brand and it no longer only appears even on its website, but there are even hundreds of themes based on this rabbit in the MIUI Themes store.

Of course Mitu is also in the form of figures, stuffed animals and much more and it is about one of the most loved pets by tech lovers.

For that very reason, Xiaomi will present new models of Mitu figures as a consequence of its 10th anniversary. Unfortunately most of these figures will be limited to the Chinese market so it will be practically impossible to get them outside these borders.

A pity for all Xiaomi fans.

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