Xiaomi works on a mobile phone with a removable screen


While we are still waiting for news of the international commercialization of that Mi Mix Alpha of Xiaomi With a flexible screen, today a new patent comes to light that allows us to take a look at a hypothetical mobile phone from the firm that again gives much of the limelight to its display. The surprising thing is that, in this case, what we can do with it is remove the screen.

Apparently, Xiaomi is looking to bring back the modular designs that became a popular concept when launching smartphones a couple of years ago. With the memory of the LG G5 in mind, today a new patent has been published by the Chinese technological giant that gives us a mobile with a removable screen.

Xiaomi patent

The most “crazy” Xiaomi smartphone

The patent filed with the China National Intellectual Property Administration speaks of a «two component phone » that makes it clear that we can separate the screen from the rest of the body of the phone. What we don’t know is whether this display would have functionality outside of the phone or would contain a small battery to be used independently.

What you can see in the documentation is that when the device is not connected, we can make use of a dual camera system in the front along with an LED flash, which means that it has a selfie shooter under the screen and that it would work outside the body. Of course, while the screen is connected, the smartphone is no different from any other normal phone.

Xiaomi patent

This external display of the xiaomi mobile It features twin connectors on the back that resemble a speaker grille with small holes that connect to the pins that can be seen on the main body of the device. This reminds us a lot of the famous Motorola MotoMod and its magnetic connectors that allow new accessories to be used to expand the functions of the phone.

Actually right now we are unable to see the usefulness of having a mobile with a removable screen and functional. Definitely have some positive aspects and, although it does not seem very practical, surely Xiaomi I would know how to sell it.

Of course, everything can be in one of those patents of the Chinese manufacturer that finally remain in the dark hole of projects forgotten by the brand and that never gets to see the sunlight.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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