Xiaomi's plan to have the best mobile to play

With the advancement of technology, we have seen how smartphones went from being simple telephones to becoming authentic pocket computers, first-rate cameras and recently, game consoles. Xiaomi, a leading manufacturer in Spain and worldwide has important plans in this latter aspect.

More and more is being played on mobile, and this has the effect that large manufacturers seek to offer the best possible gaming experience, both by mobile phones specialized in gaming, as for its medium and large caliber products.

Xiaomi’s plan to improve games

2020 is being a very special year for Xiaomi, and it is that a year ago the Chinese manufacturer began a transition to the sector premium, transition that began with the Mi Note 10 and that have closed with the Mi 10 Pro, a spectacular mobile.

Xiaomi does not rest, and it is that in his next mobile he would be looking to go one step further improving Game Turbo, the Xiaomi tool to improve the gaming experience on Android.

According to a latest leak, Xiaomi would be working with Qualcomm’s GPU team to offer maximum customization in the experience gaming with Xiaomi.

The new Game Turbo would offer various game modes that allow us to obtain the best balance between performance, graphic quality and energy consumption with several predefined modes.

In addition to these modes, we would also have direct adjustments to the GPU, such as the Anti-aliasing, Anisotropic filter and Filtering textures, offering similar controls that we can access on a PC through the drivers of the graphics card.

According to Ice Universe, This feature is in development specifically for the Mi 10 Pro +, mobile not yet presented but that would be an improved version of the Mi 10, with Snapdragon 865+ processor, the latest Qualcomm chip that we have already enjoyed on mobiles like the ROG Phone 3.

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