Xiaomi's success shows how deeply Huawei is in trouble

Image source: Xiaomi

Huawei was recently named the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. But it is already clear that this is just a snapshot. The real problems of Huawei become clear when you look at the development of Xiaomi.


Xiaomi overtakes Huawei in Europe

If you consider that Huawei is currently the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, it is astonishing that the Chinese company now only ranks fourth. Canalys analysts have published the latest figures and show the rapid crash of Huawei, while Apple and Xiaomi are growing massively:

Without Google apps, services and the Play Store, Huawei has no future in Europe. The market share only fell slightly by 17 percent, but this was only achieved because there are still a few relatively recent Huawei phones with Google services that sell well due to their low prices. It should actually go uphill, just like with Xiaomi. The new star in the sky of smartphones is growing by a whopping 65 percent in Europe, ranking third behind Samsung and Apple. If Apple had not also grown massively, Xiaomi would already be in second place.

The currently best China phones:

What’s next for Huawei and Xiaomi?

Xiaomi continues to go full throttle and will continue to gain importance in Europe. The Chinese company is knocking out one cell phone after the other and is very popular thanks to its good price-performance ratio. It will be difficult for Huawei in Europe. Without new cell phones with Google apps, the company will continue to lose importance. Huawei can basically only hope for the Chinese market, where almost every second new cell phone comes from the company. That was enough to become the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Should the US ban continue and Samsung recover again, this should no longer be enough to maintain the top position.

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