Xiaomi's ultra-fast charging could arrive very soon

Fast charging is something we find on more and more Android phones available in Spain. Each brand usually presents its own fast charging protocol, with different power and somewhat different operation. Xiaomi has previously introduced some fast charging technologies like Super Charge Turbo.

The brand will leave shortly with a 120W power charger. This Xiaomi charger has already been certified, so that soon we could find a brand phone that would use it, probably within its high range.

Xiaomi bets on fast charging

The brand’s 100W fast charge, which we are expecting you to use on a phone soon, will allow charge a 4,000 mAh battery in just 17 minutes of time. So it would be one of the fastest on the market, which is certainly something that would help the brand differentiate itself from many of its competitors. They are expected to use it in one of their high-end models.

This new Xiaomi charger has already been officially certified, indicating that it should arrive shortly. It arrives with a model name MDY-12-ED, but there are hardly any details about it. It is known that it is a 120W charger, which has 5V-3A, 11V-6A and 20V-6A and that it would have a USB-A port, unlike the usual USB-C that we find in the phones of the brand.

On which brand phone would use this charger there is no data yet. It is speculated that it will be one of their next high-end models, with names like Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 or Mi 10s Pro, both planned for the end of this year, as possible options. Although so far there is no confirmation from the brand on what will be the phone on which they release this ultrafast charge. His arrival promises to be a revolution in the market.

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