Yarnown brings Bloodborne to PC in adorable pixel art

From Software’s acclaimed PS4 exclusivity, Bloodborne may not yet have a PC connection (though you can stream it to PC through PlayStation Now), but that hasn’t stopped fans from doing their best to bring it to life.

A top-down 2D Zelda-like homage to Bloodborne, called Yarnown, has been released with permission from indie developer Max Mraz for PC, Mac, and Linux. Anyone expecting the brooding aesthetics of Bloodborne can experience the shock as Mraz has condensed the death-plagued Yharnam of action role-playing into a beautiful Gothic city with pixel art.

Anyone familiar with the opening area of ​​Bloodborne will discover famous landmarks, boss fights, props, Gothic architecture and enemies. Players can take on Father Gascoigne and the Cleric Beast, battle mobs of hunters and dogs, and even come across the game’s all-too-familiar “You died” screen. There are also vials of blood, an endurance bar, and lantern checkpoints as in reality. You can stun enemies with a mercury-bulleted pistol, perform visceral attacks, collect blood echoes for weapon and character upgrades, and reappear when you rest on a lantern. You can even visit the hunter’s dream.

While Mraz has certainly incorporated many of Bloodborne’s most popular elements, it is not so much a scaled-down direct replica, but rather a tribute to thrown-in Zelda elements. Mraz has rendered it so that it resembles pixel art staples like Stardew Valley, but still channels Bloodbore’s dark themes. Mraz explains that they created Yartown with the open source Solarus engine as a fun “little side project” for their more ambitious pixel art action adventure Ocean’s Heart project. It may be a side project, but Yarnown certainly doesn’t feel like one with a wide range of features and a challenge that Bloodborne veterans should test, even though they’re not on the same scale as the real thing.

Yarnown is available for free on Max Mraz’s Itch.io page. It is up to 34 MB in size and offers controller support. You can also view multiple screenshots to get an idea of ​​what’s coming. While we’re waiting to find out if last month’s rumors of a Bloodborne PC / PS5 remake have any substance, Yarnown is the perfect, lovingly designed, and not to say sweet, stopgap solution.

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