YggTorrent changes domain to continue downloading torrent

Although most of the most famous torrent download portals have their content in English and are focused on offering the greatest hits of the United States, in each country we have important portals with content in the native language of the United States. In the case of FranceYggTorrent is a portal with all its content in French, something that does not prevent them from having 3.5 million registered users. This has attracted many gazes.

Continuous domain changes in 2020

As has happened to EliteTorrent in Spain, this French portal has changed domain several times in 2020. The pressure of justice is increasingly intense and it costs a lot to secure a domain without it being suspended, closed or blocked. To this cat and mouse game They have been playing the download portals for many years.


In the early years, the portal lost control of YggTorrent.ws without prior notice and without being able to do anything about it to preserve it. Luckily for their interests and those of their users, they had backups that were quickly restored to the YggTorrent.se domain. This became the official address to access the download portal.

The problem is that several French operators began to block access to the portal. Although it can be easy to bypass the block, not all users know how to do it or want to do it. For that reason, traffic levels started to drop and they were forced to move to the domain. YggTorrent.si.

Other domains are also blacklisted like YggTorrent.is or YggTorrent.ch, although they were mainly used to redirect the one that was currently working. Several operators have blacklisted them as Free, VOO, Telenet, Brutélé and Proximus.

Have they managed to avoid the problems with this latest change of domain or will we have news in the coming weeks?

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