You can finally recover your deleted contacts

Trash, the new function for the Google Contacts app so that users can recover accidentally deleted contacts.

If you’ve ever accidentally deleted a contact from your smartphone, Google now has a new feature that will be implemented in the Contacts app that will allow users to recover their deleted contacts. The Mountain View company, which released a few days ago Android 11 Beta 2 incorporating a series of small improvements, it has a new feature for contacts, although it is already used in other apps.

Through an official statement, the big G has released a new feature called Trash for the Google Contacts app so that users can recover those contacts that they have accidentally deleted. Like the trash of other applications, such as Google Photos, now when a contact is deleted, it will go directly to the Trash, where will remain for 30 days before being permanently removed.

google lost contacts

Deleted contacts can now be retrieved on the Google Contacts site.

In the same way, at that time users can access this Contact Trash to view, recover or permanently delete said contact deleted. Therefore, this trash makes it much easier for users to recover those contacts that they have accidentally deleted and want to add again. Of course, this function is only available on the Google Contacts website and not in the app, although at the time of deleting a contact it is not taken into account from where it was made.

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Google prepares a ‘Trash’ for the Contacts application

In this way, users can go to the Google Contacts site, where they can already find the Trash just below the ‘Other contacts’ folder. If it does not appear, it has not yet been implemented, since it is being carried out gradually. If it appears, in that section you can find those deleted contacts indicating if they were deleted through the app or the web, in addition to the date and time.

Like other trash cans in other apps, users can decide whether to delete these contacts forever or, on the contrary, to recover them. The Mountain View company has stated that this new feature will be implemented for all G Suite customers and Google personal accounts in the coming weeks, although for now “Not available in Google Contacts applications for mobile devices”.

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