You can give this edible Xbox controller as a birthday present

For months, you’ve been bombarded with videos on social media that show seemingly normal everyday objects, only to reveal that they’re made entirely of cake. This amalgamation of cake and pop culture has now reached Xbox and probably a controller has never been so tasty.

Xbox One X
An Xbox controller can be so delicious.

It’s no secret that the team behind Xbox take pride in their controllers, and not just consoles, but PC gamers too. In the US there is now a very special specimenwith which you could make your friends or family a culinary delight.

Maybe there is something for you.

An Xbox controller has never been so cute

A few days ago, Xbox Consumer Products director John Friend posted a picture of an Xbox controller and asked the community what it was. Shortly afterwards, he himself revealed that it was a delicious cake.

To be precise, it is a Nut-free sponge cake with a layer of raspberry jam and a sweet filling. A white glaze and numerous details round off the whole thing and actually make it look real at first glance.

Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that we will get such an official cake in this country. But should you ever be in the USA, stop by Tesco or ASDA, there the sweet temptations will be sold from September.

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